At its simplest, the deW Process works to speedily and aggressively CLARIFY, CRYSTALLIZE, CODIFY, CONTEXTUALIZE, and COMMUNICATE every necessary element of an individual’s or business’s value proposition. This new 5 C analysis dives more deeply in to the core values of both your company and the principals involved therewith, resulting in a stronger backbone against which the product or solution offering may rely, as it moves in to, or repositions itself within, one or more markets.

Nicholas de Wolff developed the deW Process over the course of 25 years in a variety of industries and roles. At the core of the deW Process lies a carefully evolved understanding of marketplace dynamics and human nature. During his tenures, both as a consultant and in-house executive, Nicholas has learned that without CLARITY, any proposition is doomed to failure, and without COMMUNICATION, every offering is effectively dead in the water. Obvious discoveries, all too often neglected at crucial junctures of a business’s evolution.

“It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory”.

-W. Edwards Deming

Where the deW Process and other routes diverge is in the fact that Nicholas does not believe individuals and businesses should function exclusively – or even principally – from a foundation of financial viability or unique positioning alone, but rather from a clear and profound UNDERSTANDING of oneself, one’s offering, and the market in to which one hopes to move. While the financial bottom line and product differentiation are without question crucial parts of a business’s success formula, they should not be the drivers for business growth, but rather natural by-products and parallel considerations of a more intimate commitment to success.

Because most of a company’s value is found in its people, as opposed to its static Intellectual Property (contrary to some perspectives!), the deW Process has evolved from a principally marketing and business strategy offering, to now support individuals and businesses undergoing more fundamental identity challenges.

Nicholas de Wolff takes particular pride and satisfaction from being able to help his clients clarify their own personal positioning, so as to better empower them to crystallize the positioning and vision they wish upon their brands and products.