At the core of the deW Process© system lies a carefully evolved understanding of marketplace dynamics and human nature. During his tenures, both as an in-house executive and as a global consultant, Nicholas de Wolff has learned that without CLARITY, any proposition is doomed to failure, and without COMMUNICATION, every offering is effectively dead in the water. Obvious discoveries, all too often neglected at crucial junctures of a business’s evolution. How these two principles are maximized and connected represent the core tenets of the deW Process©

“It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory”.

-W. Edwards Deming


Because most of a company’s value is found in its people, as opposed to its static Intellectual Property (contrary to some perspectives!), our practice areas have evolved from principally marketing and business strategy offerings to now also supporting individuals and businesses undergoing more fundamental identity challenges.

Nicholas de Wolff takes particular pride and satisfaction in helping his clients clarify their own personal positioning, so as to better empower them to crystallize the positioning and vision they wish upon their brands and products.