Below is a listing of some of Nicholas de Wolff’s professional endorsements.

“Nicholas is one of the most literate, creative, intelligent and inspiring people I know. Multilingual and multi-talented, he can envision and incorporate ideas from his various areas of expertise into one integral whole. Any project would benefit from his outstanding work and immense qualifications. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Adrianne Duncan, Founder, LA Modern Jazz Series

“Nicholas is straightforward and sincere, with a mix of passionate drive and personal humility that are incongruously compatible. To collaborate with him is to build something strong, something ingenious, with all angles covered. And to do so with someone that brings laughter and genuine care, means a more inspired team and end product.”

Amina Moreau, Co-founder, Creative Director, Stillmotion

“Nicholas is someone who applies his inventiveness and creativity to getting the job done. He really understands the complex issues involved in moving projects forwards across different cultures and time zones in a global environment, and is someone with whom it is a pleasure to work, whether from the office next door or from the other side of the world.”

Andrew Hackett, CTO, France Brevets

“Whether he’s introducing Thomson and Technicolor’s newest products and solutions to me, or we’re working together at a ETC meeting, I am always impressed by Nicholas’ ability to be both an excellent listener and passionate speaker. He has a sincere curiosity about what others are doing and thinking, and a rare talent for diagnosing the source of a problem and proposing actionable pathways to resolution. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with him.”

Bob Lambert, SVP, Worldwide Media Technology and Development, The Walt Disney Company

“Nicholas is an exemplary and inspiring marketing & communications executive possessing the broadest range of relevant skills, in-depth experience, enthusiasm and good humour in the execution of successful creative, strategic and operational activities.”

Brenda Clery, Head of Media Relations, Nestlé Purina

“Nicholas is a creative thinker and a passionate and eloquent communicator. Aside from being expert in his own business domain, Nicholas provides very good marketing strategy insights for just about any product or service.”

Brian Caldwell, Director of Marketing, Rain For Rent

“A highly professional marketing executive with great communications skills and cross-cultural experience.”

Daniela Beyrouti, Beyrouti Executive Search and Training

“When Nicholas took over at DT, things changed quickly. Ruthless improvement was in order, so that eventually he was able to build an environment that supported creative innovation AND operational efficiency. He understands the fiscal, technological, creative, and operational aspects of production, and is able to connect the dots with admirable results.”

Dave Hickey, Project Lead/Technical Director, Brain Zoo Studios

“Nicholas is a tremendous resource, advisor and mentor. He is one of the rare people who provide totally honest feedback - based on an impressive breadth and depth of experience - without being mean or condescending. He has the ability to quickly grasp a complex system in an unfamiliar field, identify its weaker points and vulnerabilities, and suggest strategies to strengthen them. He is generous with his time, energy and enthusiasm, and never forgets to finish up even the most severe critique with a kind word and an inspirational message. Truly a joy to work with.”

David Galiel, Founder & CEO, Elbowfish

“From the moment I met Nicholas de Wolff, I felt fortunate. From only brief interactions, I can only hope to be as good at business and as smart as this gentleman. I am very fortunate, honored and humbled to be able to call Nicholas an advisor.”

Jacob Leander, Head of Production, Rational Interaction

“Nicholas is a marketing dynamo. He has an astute ability to analyze market and new media trends as well communicate ideas persuasively. His creative contributions to the Producers Guild of America were instrumental in the design and implementation of PGA marketing and brand positioning, and without his input the INTEL deal would not have been possible.”

Jay Malla Maldonado, President & CEO, Filmmates Entertainment

“Nicholas is an energetic, strategic thinker yet detail-oriented, well connected and demonstrates daily enthusiasm for the industry within which he works. His skills and understanding of the media business have made him invaluable. He has an impressive international background, with fluency in several languages, which only adds to my conviction that he is a truly top rate find, in any industry.”

Jean-Luc Moullet, Directeur de programme, Commissariat Général à l'Investissement

“Nicholas's vast knowledge of current trends, technology and his creative mind makes him my number one trusted advisor.”

Jesse Harris, Founder, National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY)

“Nicholas was of crucial value to our business, as we sought to identify our value to the marketplace. His commitment to brand strength, socially responsible business models, and ethical leadership would make him an extraordinary asset in any venture, commercial or non-profit.”

Jian Zhao, VP Advanced Technologies, Verance Corp.

“I offer the highest possible personal and professional recommendation on behalf of Nicholas de Wolff. Nicholas is a highly-creative executive whose creativity is complimented by substantial organizational skills. A thinker and a results-orientated achiever, Nicholas is very, very impressive.”

John Maatta, Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel, CW Television Network

“When I signed up for the co-workspace at Oregon Story Board I wanted to get everything I could out of it. Nicholas has provided me with more than I ever expected. His extensive knowledge, on almost every subject, has proven to be very comforting and resourceful at the various stages of building a business. His honesty and ability to brainstorm ideas without limiting them has allowed me to really think about the bigger picture of business and where Fourpoint Media fits within it all. Business is important of course, but Nicholas has proved to be a friend as well.”

Jotham Porzio, Co-Founder, Fourpoint Media

“Nicholas has excellent communications skills and is very effective in "getting the message out". He is very detail oriented and produces very polished products. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him.”

Kumar Ramaswamy, President and Board Member, igolgi inc.

“Nicholas has the great ability to work with cross functional organizations and at all levels. His leadership and passion have been very successful and visible around the world.”

Maria Rosario Doriott, Staff Quality Engineer, Beckman Coulter

“I worked closely with Nicholas during his tenure as ED for Oregon Story Board. Nicholas led the organization from just a concept to reality in a remarkably short period of time. He forged strong, creative partnerships with the business community that brought valuable expertise and resources to the organization during a critical time. He was endlessly patient and encouraging of the startups in his care. And he was both delicate and gracious in his dealings with the staff at my organization with whom Oregon Story Board had partnered. Nicholas is bright, energetic and creative and I'm grateful for our partnership.”

Mark Patel, VP, Brand, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

“His leadership helped propel the Council into one of the premiere organizations in the country. In addition to being one of the co-founders and a member of the original board of governors, Mr. de Wolff created many of the organization's positioning statements, editorial content, and first ever Corporate Sponsorship Package. I highly recommend his innovative style, and creative mind.”

Michael Palmieri, Founding Board of Governors, Producers Guild of America - New Media Council

“I greatly enjoyed working with Nicholas. He brought energy and numerous innovative ideas while developing effective marketing and communications strategies. Nicholas is not one to accept status quo complacency - so always look for him to get the organization to achieve more.”

Mike Derrenberger, General Manager, R&D, Thomson

“Nicholas has been involved with the AFI's Digital Content Lab program for some years now, and has been a great source of expertise and intelligence.”

Nick DeMartino, Senior Vice President, Media & Technology, American Film Institute

“Nicholas is an insightful, intellectual and instinctive collaborator. He is able to assess an organization’s needs with unusual speed, and suggest a myriad of creative ways to strengthen it. He is also a great connector, and with his diverse career experience, he can call upon a great many contacts in a variety of industries. Nicholas proved to be a extremely valuable resource, helping us focus our strategy, hone our marketing plan and more effectively communicate our vision.”

Philip Pelletier, Founder, FROGTOWN

“Very intelligent and refreshingly forward-thinking.”

Richard Knoph, GM - Corporate Communication, Thomson

“A brilliant consultant! Helped us to understand all the different (and otherwise overwhelming) aspects of social media, and internet marketing. This guy is leaps ahead of everyone else, in knowledge, yet still manages to speak plain English so that clients such as myself can evaluate the real-world value of the options available to my business, as opposed to all the techno-babble "shiny new buttons", that might or might not help my business.”

Roger Brown, President, Trackers

“Nicholas is one of the few people I know with a solid grasp of both the creative and commercial aspects of media and entertainment industries, which includes harnessing technology to drive and support creativity. He is a strategist and creative thinker with a good sense of humor which is important when getting technology and creative people to work together.”

Sallie Olmsted, Executive Vice President, Rogers & Cowan/Interpublic

“Nicholas is a leader. He puts forth new ideas, encourages innovation & shares He is one of the most interesting people I follow.”

Scilla Andreen, CEO & Co-Founder of

“Reporting to Nicholas over the past couple of years has given me the opportunity to grow and think "outside the box". Not only is he an understanding and focused manager but he is also a person that is passionate about his work. He has amazing insight and drive. Nicholas' knowledge of today's marketplace and trends has been very beneficial to the success of our company's business strategies.”

Sharon Ayalde, Director, Chief Scientist's Office, Technicolor

“Nicholas provided invaluable advice to my political campaign, as I sought to raise the stakes on my commitment to my city’s health and prosperity. His keen political insights, and extraordinary editorial and communications talents, proved crucial in ensuring that my vision was shared with the citizens of my city, with integrity and transparency. I am deeply grateful for his strategic and tactical counsel, as well as his generous commitment to helping to improve the quality of life for citizens of the City of Burbank.”

Sharon Springer, City Council Member, City of Burbank, California

“Nicholas is one of the most intelligent, articulate and dedicated people I know. Whatever he sets his mind to, he succeeds at. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”

Steve Hoffman, Founder and CEO, Founders Space

“A pleasure to work with, Nicholas is very creative, knowledgeable and highly passionate about advertising and marketing. He possesses brilliant leadership qualities and terrific business acumen.”

Tery Spataro, US Director of Digital Accounts Services, Marsteller Digital