Nicholas de Wolff has been involved with social change since he conceptualized and produced his first fundraiser at the age of 13. de Wolff organized an outdoor “boot sale” in a large field next to his school, followed by a celebrity auction that included, among other lots, such diverse offerings as Bjorn Borg’s tennis racket, a Vivienne Westwood Dress, and a mounted Stag’s head (not his favorite item). The event raised several thousand dollars for medical research, and thoroughly confused the school’s headmaster.

Since then, recognizing the value of positioning his skill set at the intersection of the non-profit and commercial arenas, de Wolff has dedicated a good portion of his career to social justice, sustainability, and community service.

“The personal rewards are self-evident”, says de Wolff. “What is just as valuable, but perhaps less obvious, is that these two worlds have much to learn from one another, especially as emerging media platforms and revenue channels continue to rewrite the way we develop and maintain relationship with our constituencies”.

Some of our deW Good Projects:

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