Marketing & Brand Strategy

Identifying the nature and need of the customer, and connecting it with impact to the identity and value of your offering is far more than just sales, advertising, PR, or branding. It is these things and a panoply of intangibles, sprinkled with a big handful of common sense and served on a bed of freshly grown business acumen. It’s no longer about making sure that the customer gets it, but rather reaching that moment when the customer believes that YOU get it.

Nicholas de Wolff has helped to build awareness of an extraordinarily diverse array of products, services, and enterprises. Some of the world’s leading brands have relied on the deW Process, and his work has been manifest on a local, regional, national and international scale.

As Chief Marketing Officer at Technicolor (one of the world’s largest media and entertainment technology providers), Nicholas was responsible for shaping and communicating the identity and activities of the company’s research and development hub, in addition to a dizzying array of emerging product and solution offerings, from a number of subsidiary companies. His responsibilities included branding, business strategy, events, Internet, promotions, and public relations.

Nicholas de Wolff works personally with business leadership & staff to discreetly identify the root causes of a challenge, and determine what steps might be taken to manifest the most efficient & positive change, resulting in a stronger and more dynamic enterprise.

We are skilled at crafting and refining the principle messages that a Brand or its senior executive wants to convey, internally and externally, and we ensure these messages are clear and actionable.

Nicholas de Wolff has worked with a broad spectrum of leaders, across a range of industries, helping to develop their capabilities in diverse areas. Review our endorsements page for some specific insights.

Some of the world's leading brands have relied on our extensive experience in Brand Strategy and Marketing. A pioneer in interactive marketing and social engagement, de Wolff currently advises a diverse array of companies on social media best practices, community engagement, and creative promotion.